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Fijian Drua Culture Jersey

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Introducing the Fijian Drua Culture Jersey – a powerful symbol of the values and traditions of the Fijian Drua rugby team. Designed in collaboration with artist Anare Somumu, this jersey is a celebration of the Fijian culture and the journey of the Drua as a club.

The jersey features unique masi motifs that embody the values of the Fijian Drua – relentlessness, integrity, and discipline. The traditional Fijian sail (laca) around a guiding star symbolizes the journey of the team, with each sail motif featuring three different coloured cowry shells (sau) representing the three confederacies of Fiji. The shells are joined by magimagi (coconut sinnet) to call for unity and solidarity.

The oar-shaped war club (kinikini) represents the Drua captains as they lead the team out onto the field, emphasizing the importance of hard work and making repeated efforts. Other motifs include waves representing the collective wishes of the people of Fiji and a rugby ball to showcase the Drua’s unique brand of Fijian running rugby.

Encased within a fence symbol in the shape of shark teeth facing inward, the designs are a reminder to guard the team’s core values and be strong from within. With the completion of the masi motifs, the Fijian Drua worked with Somumu to apply each element onto their New Balance jersey, ready for the cultural round’s super clash with the Blues.

Wear the Fijian Drua Culture Jersey with pride and join the journey of the Fijian Drua as they represent their culture and values on and off the field.

SKU: 422624 Category: Tags: ,

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